In the Heart of the Old Town

Come with Us on a Culinary Journey Through Wyspa Północ

Restaurant Wyspa Północ was created out of love to eat by indulging your palates with unique sensations every day. Inspired by historic granaries, we create a venue full of fresh, regional products.
Come with us on a culinary journey! See the intriguing combination on your plate, feel the unusual fusion of scents, and when you taste this perfect combination you will learn the history of Wyspa Północ. Taste what is unknown …

The Essence of Seasonal Flavour

Our manufacture flows with natural seasonality, which is why you will always find compositions fitting the seasons. To create our unique dishes and cocktails we use fresh, regional, seasonal products, which we carefully select at the surrounding markets. We make sure that products that reach our restaurant are of the highest quality. That is why every day you will taste our butter and bread freshly baked by us, which reminds you of the flavours of childhood, you will find sausages straight from the Kashubian farms, you will appreciate the seasoned beef, and our cocktails will tell you the story of Gdańsk granaries.

Historic Cocktails

While creating the cocktail menu, we were inspired by the history of old Gdańsk. We create our flavours taking you back to past times … In our cocktail you will delve into the memories of the Old Town of Gdańsk from 400 years ago, when granaries stored precious goods such as spices, wood, and grain in a very same place as our restaurant. The names of these granaries were: Turek, Daleko Droga, Steffen, Czarny Kur, Pod Korona, Soli deo Gloria…

News & Events

Look to us to explore the secrets of culinary adventures and go on a journey that opens the horizons of sensual flavours, smells, sounds and images.

Perfect Blend

Wyspa Spichrzów in the very centre of the Old Town of Gdańsk is a place where we combine Polish and European flavours in an unconventional way and emphasize the value of traditional recipes. Every day, our Chef makes sure that the dishes that reach our tables are fresh, fascinating in taste and gorgeous looking.
We enrich the culinary journey with a properly selected glass of wine, which combined with the dish will help bring out deep and unobvious tastes. We treat our guests with home-made liqueur, and on warmer days with dry cider. We will make sure that our joint journey through dishes and granary cocktails is thrilling and extraordinary for you.